38 boathouses to be demolished at the Sochi beach

Sochi authorities intend to demolish 38 boathouses at the beach near the Small Ahun district, Live Kuban informs.

At present these structures occupy an almost kilometer-long territory of the beach, and a mere handful of people use the boathouses according to their intended purpose. All the others have been redeveloped into the three-storey mansions.

These boathouses have been acknowledged as illegal structures, and the rent agreement, made at the beginning of 1990-s, has been acknowledged as invalid.

The resolution on the demolition has been issued by the Khostinsky district court, considering the action of the City Administration. The court has ordered to vacate the premises before February 10. The structures must be demolished by their owners themselves. If they fail to do it, the demolition will be carried out by officers of justice.

English translation by BSN