Tourism Association refutes information about the drop in the number of tourists coming to Georgia

The Association’s head Mrs. Nata Kvachantiradze said that all companies had different outlooks at the current situation in this field, Business Georgia reports.

We will remind the reader, that according to the statement made by the head of the «Geo Hotel» company, managing a network of 3-star hotels, companies, operating in the field of tourism were in standby mode, but unlike in previous years, they did not know what this expectation would bring: fewer tourists come during periods of standstill.

According to Kvachantiradze, companies were receiving tourist groups as usual and talks about the passive period were superfluous. She noted that the winter season was quite busy at the resorts. According to Kvachantiradze, comparative decrease in activity after the elections had been expected, but since the beginning of 2013 the situation began to stabilize.

English translation by BSN


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