Islands near Yalta’s coast have appeared on cadastral map of Ukraine

On public cadastral map of Ukraine, some land plots are located in the sea off the Crimean coast, Sobutija reports.

The map is available at the official website of Ukraine’s State Agency for Land Resources.

Land plots appeared off the coast of Yalta, Novy Svet, Theodosia, and Kerch. Some of them are marked as located on Russian Federation territory.

Deputy Chairman of the AR Crimea Committee for Construction and Architecture Mr. Stepan Lapychak noted bad quality of maps at a conference held in the AR Crimea Council of Ministers: «It's all the consequence of very poor quality of cartographic material. 75% of our land acts lack state coordinates, it's an emergency.»

Deputy Chairman of the AR Crimea Committee advised Crimean local authorities to employ only qualified institutions and clerks for performing the map services.

English translation by BSN