Prospects for continuing Poti airport construction vague

It is not known up until this time, whether construction of the Poti airport, the largest in the Transcaucasia, will be continued. According to the chief legal adviser to the company "Rakia Georgia", the construction works are still suspended.

According to Mr. Zurab Neparidze, so far "Rakia" retains the Poti airport project, but whether it will be renewed, is not known. Majoritarian parliament deputy from Poti Mrs. Eka Beselia declared the need to suspend the airport’s construction before the elections.

Georgia’s president Mr. Saakashvili put forward the idea of building in Poti the largest international airport in the Transcaucasia back in 2009, and at that time he said that the construction should be completed in 2012. However, people from environmental NGOs staged protests against construction of the airport in close proximity to the Kolkheti National Park, believing that the construction would bring environmental problems.

English Translation by BSN

Adapted from: Business GRUZIJA