International Monetary Fund to back high-income earners' taxation in Moldova

International Monetary Fund (IMF) expert John Buchanan will spend three weeks in Moldova to help the Main State Fiscal Inspectorate (IFPS) launch a compliance programme for high-income taxpayers, according to a press release of the State Fiscal Service.

The programme will focus on best practices and will enforce the compliance risk assessment model, in order to improve the high-income earners' tax compliance. The IFPS's employees, who are responsible for administering high-income taxpayers, will be offered technical support in this respect.

According to the press release, the programme will use informational technologies to trace natural persons who take part in tax evasion. Discussions will focus on the analysis of the current situation, in order to assess the risk level for natural high-income earners, via identifying new information resources on income and property estimation, data collection and analysis as well as via establishing a compliance risk for each of the assessed cases.

Starting with 2013, experts will enforce the indirect assessment of the natural persons' income and spending for tax purposes. The new method is provided in a draft law on budgetary-fiscal policy for 2013 and will be used to assess declared incomes for 2013. The Fiscal Service will now tax persons who spend more than 300 thousand lei per year or purchase estate that amounts to at least one million lei.

Over 20 thousand people declared amounts of money that exceed one million lei, at the State Fiscal Service by late 2012.

Adapted from Moldpres


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