Every year Romanian beaches lose more than 2 metres

Coastal erosion is developing rapidly, in recent years the sea has recaptured large chunks of beaches at all resorts, Cuget Liber S.A. reports.

Resorts, affected by the erosion are: Mamaia North and South, Tomis, Eforie Sud and Nord, Tuzla, Olymp - Venus, Saturn - Mangalia, May 2nd - Vama Veche. Mamaia is risking to lose about 40 meters of beach in the next 20 years.

Dobruja’s Black Sea Basin Directorate has developed a master plan of the coastal area. Technical costs only will reach around EUR 5 million, most of the money will be provided by the EU. They are planning to invest no less than EUR 150 million in Romanian coastline. Works will begin in 2013.

English translation by BSN


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