New Romanian Government to have 26 members and brings 15 new ministers

The new government announced by appointed Prime Minister Victor Ponta will have 26 ministers, six of whom are delegates, and eleven officials proposed in the future government were also in the former cabinet.

Minister of Agriculture Daniel Constantin, Minister of the Environment Rovana Plumb, Minister of Communications Dan Nica, Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean, Minister of Justice Mona Pivniceru and Minister of Labour Mariana Campeanu retain their previous positions.

Other names from the former cabinet to be included in the new government are Minister of the Interior Mircea Dusa, proposed as deputy prime minister and Minister of Defence, former Minister of Economy Daniel Chitoiu proposed as deputy prime minister as well, and minister of Finance in the new government. Former delegate Minister of Administration Radu Stroe got a full portfolio, proposed as Minister of the Interior, and Dan Sova, former delegate Minister for Relation with Parliament, will be coordinating minister for infrastructure projects, without portfolio.

The future government will have three deputy prime ministers, Gabriel Oprea without a portfolio, Liviu Dragnea Minister of Administration and Regional Development and Daniel Chitoiu, Minister of Finance, it will also have 20 ministries, and six delegate ministers. The old cabinet used to have 16 ministries and four ministers without portfolio.

The multiplication was triggered by the split of the Ministry of Finance, of Economy, of the Interior, of Education and of the Environment.

The new ministries are the Ministry of Industry and Trade given to liberal Varujan Vosganian, Ministry of Energy to Constantin Nita (PSD), Ministry of SMEs, Tourism and Business Milieu to be led by Maria Grapini (Conservative Party PC), Ministry of Sports (Nicolae Banicioiu PSD), Ministry of Waters and Forestry, Lucia Varga (PNL).

The six delegate ministers are Liviu Voinea (Budget), Mihnea Costoiu (Scientific Research), Dan Sova (for infrastructure projects), Doina Pana (for Social Dialogue), Mihai Voicu (for the Relation with the Parliament), Cristian David (delegate Minister for Romanians Everywhere).

Among the important names to be left outside of the new government are former Minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu (who held this position between 2000 and 2003 during Nastase Government and also during Boc Government between 2008 and 2009) and former Minister of European Affairs Leonard Orban and Dr Raed Arafat, who gave up the helm of the Ministry of Health.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta gave assurances on Monday that the number of civil servants in the central offices will not grow, no matter the structure of the new government to be made up after the parliamentary elections on December 9.

Adapted from Agerpres


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