EU disentitled Romania’s unemployed to financial assistance

On November 17, the EU announced an official statement about the termination of support for the unemployed in seven countries: Romania, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Austria and Sweden.

The budget committee had to postpone voting on approving the provision of funds, as the European Council had not made this amendment to the 2012 budget in time.

The European Commission appealed to leaders of the 27 EU member states to add €8,9 billion to finance European programs to support small and medium enterprises. However, the heads of state said, the existing amount was good enough to be content with.

As a result, the meeting of the EU Member States Finance Ministers was wrecked because the budget committee found it senseless to work under existing circumstances. As long as the European Council does not introduce the amendment on the 2012 budget deficit, funds to help the unemployed will not be allocated.

In the last quarter of 2012 the unemployment rate in European countries has increased and has reached a record high figure of 11.6%.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from Romania Today