Tourist companies of Odessa region drew more than 21 million UAH in capital investments

Vladislav Stankov, Culture and Tourism Department Manager at Odessa Regional State Administration, has made a presentation on the progress in «Program for development of the Odessa region tourism and recreation industry for 2011-2015» and the results of the tourism season.

He has noted that the total volume of capital investments, drawn in January – June 2012 by Odessa region tourism and recreation companies, amounted to 21.67 million UAH. At present more than 300 tour operators and tour agents work in the region, covering 1093 tourism and recreation facilities.

10 new tourism and recreation industry facilities were commissioned in Odessa region in the first half of 2012. Total cost of the commissioned capital assets amounted to 7.9 million UAH.

In addition to that, the region has announced a competition for the best business plan on the rural green tourism development. It also carries out the development of a comprehensive layout for marine tourism and resort infrastructure facilities, considering the possible water communication between coastal territories of the region, and the development of schemes for 3 transboundary tourism routes.

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