Moldovan journalist organizations ask foreign support

Moldovan journalist organizations and profiled human-right associations are expressing their indignation over the Moldovan authorities’ attitude to journalist investigations, and are requesting the support of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova and of profiled international organizations.

The local journalist organizations stood up with a joint statement, expressing a strong discontent about the sayings by Moldova’s Speaker of Parliament and Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu, who stated recently that the findings of a journalist investigation into the personal property of Anatol Donciu, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NAC), «do not deserve a serious attitude, as the investigation was undertaken out of a wish to raise a popularity rating».

The joint statement said, «We request to explain to our political leaders discrediting the journalist labor that such investigations are a key element in struggle against corruption that is one of the priorities of the European commitments of our governing Alliance for European Integration».

The statement was signed by the Independent Journalism Center (CIJ), the Independent Press Association, the Committee for Press Freedom, the Center for Journalist Investigations, the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Moldova, and the Electronic Press Association.

They believe that journalist investigations serve a ground for the law enforcement agencies to react and embark on their legal investigations so as to let the civil society be informed about how civil servants perform their official duties.

Adapted from Infotag