Romanian frontier ship participated in the international operation

The crew of the Romanian frontier police ship came back home on November 12 after the three-month participation in the mission, conducted in the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean Seas.

The Romanian frontier police ship carried out individual tasks together with police forces of all 27 EU member states, participating in the mission at the sea South-West and South-East borders of Greece.

The mission included carrying out of joint measures to counteract illegal migration and sea border crossovers, to raise the efficiency in the information and operative data interchange between law enforcement agencies of these countries, and to promote the efficient exchange of experience between European border guards.

Romanian frontier police officers carried out 57 missions, spent a total of 83 days in patrolling, during which the ship covered 3577 nautical miles. They participated in control and observation of more than 100 vessels with different sizes and assignments. In the course of the operation they found more than 3300 persons, probably migrants, mainly the citizens of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and Bangladesh.

English translation by BSN
Adapted from
Cuget Liber S.A