Sochi environmentalists propose to create nature reserve in the Black Sea water area

Environmentalists have put forward initiative to create marine reserve off the coast of the resort for the study and conservation of rare fish species.

Scholars say, about 25 species of fish, four of which are listed in the Red Book inhabit in the area of the proposed reserve.

Environmentalists have submitted an application to the main branch of the Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg, proposing to create a marine reserve.

Creation of reserve implies performing research on its area. Reserve could begin from Cape Vydny and end in Matsesta area of Sochi’s Khostinsky City District. It will extend along the coast for about 3 to 4 km, with a width of 1,5 km. Any movement of vessels throughout the reserve should be prohibited, except for the research ones,.

Today there exists only one landscape marine reserve in Russia, in the city of Anapa, created to protect the Cystoseira seaweed.

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