All the committees of the Supreme Council of Adzharia were headed by representatives of the «Georgian Dream»

Five committees will be functioning in the Supreme Council (SC) of Adzharia elected recently. Their chairpersons were elected on October 28 at a session of SC by secret ballot. It is also already known that there will be four fractions in the Parliament of Adzharia.

Election of the Supreme Council of Adzharia was held on October, 1. Among 21 deputies elected there are six majoritarian ones. 13 deputies were elected to the Parliament of the autonomous republic from the «Georgian Dream» and eight from «United National Movement».

On October, 28, Avtandil Beridze was elected Speaker of the Supreme Council of Adzharia and David Batsikadze became his deputy.

Chairpersons of all the five committees of the Parliament are representatives of the «Georgian Dream». Their nomination was sanctioned by the majority, i.e. 13 votes. Deputies from «United National Movement» did not take part in the voting.

Four fractions of deputies will be working in the Supreme Council of Adzharia: the «Georgian Dream», «Georgian Dream – Free Democrats», «Georgian Dream – Adzharia» and «United National Movement».

The chairpersons were elected as follows: Akaki Dzneladze - the «Georgian Dream», Sulkhan Glonti - «Georgian Dream – Free Democrats», Irakli Dzhashia - «Georgian Dream – Adzharia». The fraction of «United National Movement» is headed by Robert Chkaiydze, «Georgia Online» agency reports.

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