Romanian architect part of team behind inflatable trampoline bridge design in Paris

Romanian Irina Cristea is part of the team of architects based in Paris that have come up with an idea for a bouncy, inflatable bridge over the River Seine, which runs through the centre of French capital.

The design is architectural firm Atelier Zundel Cristea's entry into the Contemporary Bridge in Paris competition, open to professionals and amateurs, with the aim of designing an iconic new crossing over the Seine.

The architects said they wanted to give Parisians a «newer and more playful» way of crossing the river. The bridge would be formed of three connected 30 meter inflatable rings each with a huge trampoline in the middle, allowing people to jump, bounce and somersault across the Seine. Once under tension and filled with 3,700 cubic meters of compressed air each, the sections would fom stable arch like structures.

Adapted from Romania-insider