Sochi to use robots to maintain security at Olympic Games

Russia’s FSB will soon receive the Plastun spying complexes to patrol and detect suspicious objects and people. The new equipment will be used to maintain security during the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, Izvestia reports.

Plastun is a ground system using tracked chassis. It is 64x64 cm in size and weighs 40-50 kg. The device may carry up to 100 kg and move at a speed of 0.7 meters a second. Robototekhnika offered another model of robots with side cameras.

The robots for the Sochi games were designed to move on the asphalt and equipped with automatics and a range-measuring system. Robots will use GPS technologies for navigation.

They have detectors of explosives. Alexey Maksimov, Director of the science and research center Robototekhnika of the MSTU named after Bauman, said that a terrorist sensing being watched by the robot will doubtlessly show inadequate behavior.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza