Sochi Hotel «RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA» is the best in Russia

World Travel Award is a recognized quality benchmark with an established reputation, being respected by the entire world tourism community. It is a kind of «Travel Oscar» of the hospitality industry.

In 2012 several thousands of companies from more than 160 countries participated in the nominations for awards. The hotel from Sochi became the winner in the category of Russia's Leading Hotel 2012.

History of RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA began in 1946 at the zenith of the spa industry in Sochi.

In the 70’s it operated as a sanatorium (health spa resort hotel) of the USSR Council of Ministers «Russia» (the name of the hotel till June 2006) and was a favorite holiday playground of the party elite. It was frequented by famous people, popular actors and labor hero workers. It is known that Hero of the Soviet Union and then the most famous man in the world - cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin enjoyed visiting «Russia». This Health Spa Resort hotel has acquired international status when started to welcome foreign visitors from Germany, Poland, Canada, Finland and Czechoslovakia.

Then the hotel went through renovation and re-equipment and was opened on June 11, 2006 featuring unique style and atmosphere of remarkable «de luxe» category hotel facility.

According to the Federal Tourism Agency it has been several times (in 2010 and 2011) recognized as the best hotel of Russia. Conde Nast Traveller marked it as the best hotel in the city of Sochi.

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Adapted from Sochi-24