Moldova and Israel sign employment agreement

An agreement on temporary employment of Moldovans in certain fields in Israel was signed by the Moldovan and Israeli governments, the government's communication and press relations department has reported.

The implementation protocol (construction field) to this agreement was signed as well.

The visit of the Moldovan Prime Minister, Vlad Filat, to the State of Israel in May has served as background for this initiative.

The documents were signed in Jerusalem on 16 October, during the joint Moldovan-Israeli intergovernmental commission's meeting. The agreement was signed by Ambassador Mihai Balan on Moldova's behalf, and by Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Israel's behalf.

The Moldovan Labour, Social Protection and Family Ministry was appointed by the government as responsible for consultations and negotiations. These were concluded in a record time, within three months, thus proving a fruitful and deep cooperation between the relevant institutions of the two states.

The top objectives of the agreement are to ensure a legal, equitable and transparent employment process for Moldovans employed in Israel on a temporary basis.

The agreement and the implementation protocol provide for the temporary employment of 1,000 qualified construction workers. The workers have to be high-skilled and well trained in one of the following specialties: formwork for the industrialized construction, wood formwork, steel welding, glazed architectural terra-cotta coating for floors and walls, coating works.

The implementation of the agreement will contribute to ensuring the protection of the rights of the Moldovan workers according to the Israeli laws and rules, including the labour and living conditions.

The temporary employment of the workers will be within the remit of the two states' relevant public institutions. In Moldova's case, the National Employment Agency will be in charge of that.

The trade turnover between Moldova and Israel increased five times in January-August 2012 (22.1 million US dollars) as compared with the same period in 2011 (4.6 million US dollars).

Moldova continues negotiations with the State of Israel on a visa free regime and on other areas important for the citizens of the two states.

Adapted from Moldpres


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