Moldovan government rectifies state budget for 2012

The revenues of the state budget for 2012 were increased by 50 million lei (almost 3.2 million euros), as a result of a grant which is going to be offered to Moldova by the European Commission, to help mitigate drought consequences. The draft law was approved by the government on 18 October.

According to Deputy Finance Minister Maria Caraus, these revenues will be forwarded to the Agriculture and Food Ministry, out of which 38 million lei will be used for the partial compensation of the spending for the autumn wheat sowing, and 12 million lei for purchasing feed grain to partially ensure the nutrition of the cattle hurt by the drought.

Also another amendment of the draft law relates to the redirection of four million lei into the government's reserve fund, which were previously provided for buying dwellings for resident students working in budgetary institutions.

Also the funds provided for capital investments of the Constitutional Court, will be cut by 565.000 lei.

Adapted from Moldpres


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