Illegal discharge of oil products from vessels registered in the Black Sea

The satellite radiolocation monitoring of the Black Sea by «SCANEX» engineering and technological center has found large film pollutions of the vessel origin in the Russian and Ukrainian sectors.

Using the data of the automated vessel identification system, it has managed to identify vessels, involved in pollution.

The filming of the north-eastern part of the Black Sea has registered a number of large spillages on September 19 and October 7 in the territorial waters of the Russian sector, on the way to Novorossiysk bay and near Tuapse (total areas of 17.1 and 14.2 square km), and on September 26 and 29 – in the Ukrainian sector (areas of 59.6 and 42.5 square km).

The characteristics of the stains allow asserting that they have appeared following the vessel discharges.

It has been established that the October 7 incident involved seagoing tug «Someri» (Russian flag). September 19 incident: the most probable sources of the stain origin – motor vessel «Crystal Sun» (Cambodia), which left the Novorossiysk port after unshipping of the cement, and motor vessel «Dream True» (Panama), which arrived to Novorossiysk for loading of lumber.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Portnews