Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is ready to open Сhrysanthemums Show

The Chrysanthemums Show, known also as the Ball of Chrysanthemums will be opened in the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens (NBG) on October 13, the NBG spokesman Tatiana Melnik told to  the Crimean News Agency’s correspondent.

According to her, this traditional ball will be started with chrysanthemums of hardy mums (Dendranthema indicum) types and skirting forms. The exhibition plot will start the display of more than 60 blooming varieties.

She also added that the NBG selection breeders have prepared a surprise for the visitors. It would be - either a new variety or unusual arrangement – so far it is kept in the strict secrecy.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition-Show is the unique annual event, which have been held in NBG since 1953.

English Translation by Alexey Soloviev, BSN
Adapted from CIA


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