5 thousand volunteer skiers will be needed for the Sochi Olympics

President of the «Sochi-2014» organizing committee Dmitry Chernyshenko said on October 4, that for the organization and conduct of the 2014 Olympics they would need 25 thousand volunteers, of which 5 thousand must be able to ski.

Sochi Volunteer Center will train four thousand people to organize and run the 2014 Olympics.

«During the Olympics four thousand volunteers of the Volunteering Development Center will go onto the city’s streets. They will meet and accompany the Olympics’ participants and spectators, working as information guides, directing the resort’s guests,» - said Sochi mayor Anatoly Pakhomov.

He has noted that recruitment of urban volunteers is currently underway in Sochi. At this time, there are about two thousand of them. In order to be admitted to the team, candidates must pass an interview, psychological test and test in English.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Live Kuban