Islamic leader says Romania could be target of terrorist attacks

Romania and its neighbor Bulgaria are targets for terrorists, sheikh Omar Bakri, a Syrian Islamic leader, told a Bulgarian newspaper. Bakri led the Al-Muhajirun movement, close to al-Qaeda, until 2004, which was involved in the bomb attacks in London in 2005.

His statement about Romania and potential terrorism comes after the Burgas attack, when Israeli tourists were attacked at the airport by a suicide bomber who was connected to people in Bakri’s group.

Bakri, who is now an expert on Muslim groups and sects, explained that Islamic terrorists see Romania and Bulgaria as Islamic lands, and blame them for their military footprint in Iraq and Afghanistan.

«Once Islam stepped into a territory, it is considered Islamic. This is why Muslims have to free it one day. Spain, for example, is Islamic. Eastern Europe also, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia. Bulgaria is a legitimate target because it has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and cooperates with Israel. We think bomb attacks could be launched in Bulgaria. Maybe in Romania and other states as well», – said Bakri for the Bulgarian newspaper.

In response to this statement, Romania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Colăţean said Romania is a faithful ally to the US and NATO, with whatever risks that may entail.

Adapted from Romania-Insider