Port Kavkaz will become the key Russian Black Sea ferry port – Rosmorrechflot

Port Kavkaz is scheduled to be made a key Russian port on the Black Sea, specialized in working with rail and truck ferry vessels.

Ferry service is conducted with ports of Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, and Bulgaria, says Deputy head of Investments and Development programs Directorate of the Russian Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) Alexei Volodin.

Port Kavkaz is located between the Azov and the Black seas on the Russian side, is able to work with both riverboats (depth 4.5 m) and with sea vessels (in the roads). The port’s berths are primarily used for transhipment of bulk cargoes (mineral fertilizers, concentrates of various ores, grain). General, timber and container cargoes can also be transhipped. Port’s freight turnover for 2011 was 8 million 261 thousand tons.

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Adapted from PortNews