Bloc of Ivanishvili is leading in Georgian elections

According to the first exit polls, published after the voting was over, the opposition block of Bidzina Ivanishvili, «Georgian dream», is winning the parliamentary elections with 51% of the votes. According to a different survey, «Georgian Dream» gets 35% against 30% to the United National Movement of Saakashvili.

According to the VK reporter in Tbilisi, the bloc of Ivanishvili is very likely to win the elections according to the proportional system, but the party of Saakashvili will fight in the majority-vote constituencies.

The situation in Tbilisi is very tense, people are gathering outside, the bloc of Ivanishvili is ready to celebrate victory. However, if the results of the Central Electoral Committee differ from the
exit polls, it will be very difficult to maintain stability.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza