EU backs Moldova to enforce laws on state aid and competition

With the adoption of the laws on state aid and competition, the last chapter in the negotiations on a free trade agreement between Moldova and the European Union has been closed, the head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Ambassador Dirk Schuebel said at a briefing on October 1.

It was rather important to adopt these two laws in the context of the negotiations on a free trade agreement, but their enforcement is equally important, Dirk Schuebel said. The official added that the European Union, which had provided Moldova with assistance in the process of drafting these laws, will continue providing assistance for their adequate enforcement.

«The law on state aid and the law on competition will ensure the security that the European and local investors want,» Schuebel said. According to him, these laws are largely «compatible with the European practice and legislation».

«By the adoption of these two laws we made a big step towards the European integration,» the chairwoman of the Competition Council Viorica Carare said. She noted that »they will have a major impact on the competition environment».

The law on state assistance will enter into force in August 2013, a year after its publication in Moldova's official paper Monitorul Oficial. The law on competition has entered into force immediately after its publication in September 2012.

Adapted from Moldpres