Tuapse – Adler railway reconstruction is in progress

During 8 months of 2012 the investments into construction and reconstruction of artificial structures at the North Caucasus Railway have equaled to more than 472 million rubles.

According to the Joint Information Center, the construction of sea walls with coast-protecting structures at the Chemitokvadzhe – Yakornaya Shchel railway haul was commenced at the beginning of 2012. In addition to that, aiming to protect the road bed and railway infrastructure objects from water erosion, railway experts carry out the reconstruction of the retaining and entrainment walls and drainage facilities.

They also continue the construction of the gravel-and-stone spur dikes, sea walls, a wave breaker, and a ditch at the Yakornaya Shchel – Loo railway haul, as well as the arrangement of the protective wave-absorbing belt.

Construction of the sea walls and a wave breaker, as well as the filling of the protective wave-absorbing belt at the Khosta – Adler railway haul are also in progress.

Such construction and reconstruction of artificial structures must improve the safety of the train operation at the Tuapse – Adler part of the North Caucasus Railway.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Sochi-24