«Nibulon» builds a floating crane in Constanta

SNC shipbuilding yard (city of Constantza, Romania) has started the construction of a floating crane under the order of LLC Joint Venture «Nibulon» – one of the largest Ukrainian grain producers and exporters, - says the company’s website.

According to the agreement, signed on July 2, 2012, the construction must be completed by March 2013.

The agricultural holding data note that this floating crane will become the most productive transport floating crane in Ukraine. It will be used to perform handling operations in the grabbing mode with crane capacity up to 45 tons, and in the hook mode – up to 60 tons. Vessel’s length will be 52.3 m, width – 22 m, draught – 2 m, displacement – 2 thousand tons, and speed – at least 4 knots.

The floating crane design has been developed by the Mykolaiv design company «Torola Design Group» with the help of «Nibulon» Company experts.

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Adapted from Business.ua


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