US government grants Moldova medical humanitarian aid

Over 100 hundred Moldovan hospitals and health centres will benefit from medication and medical devices donated by the US government. The humanitarian aid worth almost 12 million dollars, arrived in Chisinau on 22 September and was distributed to the Republican Hospital on September 28.

Deputy Health Minister Gheorghe Turcanu said at a meeting with the hospital directors, disadvantaged people like children, pensioners and people with disabilities should be the first ones to benefit from the humanitarian aid.

According to the deputy minister, all the republican hospitals, five municipal hospitals, five municipal medical-territorial associations, over 30 district hospitals, over 30 medical family centres and eight health centres will receive humanitarian help from the US government.

US Ambassador in Chisinau William H. Moser said besides medication and medical devices, American volunteers are willing to offer a medical training programme, which takes place in Chisinau today. The same medical training took place in Balti on 26 September.

The batch the US government donated includes antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pills for diabetics and drugs for bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, heart diseases and mental illnesses. Medical devices include medical exam tables, laboratory devices, needles, syringes, etc.

Adapted from Moldpres