Park complex «Riviera» in Sochi welcomed more than 4 million people

«More than 4 million people visited parks complex «Riviera» this year», - said the Mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov on September 15 at ceremony of inauguration of the opening of Russia's largest dolphinarium.

«Popularity of «Riviera» among residents and guests of the resort has been always on the increase. Thus, if in 2010, the park was visited by about 3 million people, during more than half of the year of 2012 the number of visitors has exceeded 4 million people,»- added the Mayor.

According to Mr.Pakhomov, complex of Sochi amusement parks «Riviera» continues to set nation records. In June, the Lazarevski park saw opening of the largest Ferris wheel in the country, while Russia's largest dolphinarium started its operation in the center of Sochi in «Riviera» on September 15.

Head of the city said that about six years ago Sochi municipal parks of culture and rest have been united under the joint «Riviera» brand. During this time the united complex of parks has achieved impressive success. «Riviera» became winner of awards of international competitions «Golden Pony» and «Crystal wheel» and won «The best park of Russia» diploma from another 350 competitors of the 1st Festival of the Russian parks.

Adapted from ЮГА.ру