Moldova, Russia to sign energy cooperation agreement

09:40 11.09.2012

Moldova and Russia will sign an agreement on energy cooperation. The Moldovan cabinet made a decision on the launch of talks on a draft agreement on the matter.

Deputy Premier, Economics Minister Valeriu Lazar said at the cabinet's meeting that the agreement provides for supplies of natural gas to Moldova, on both sides of the Dniester; the transportation of gas on the Moldovan territory, the production and export of electric energy and cooperation in the renewable energy sector.

The agreement shall also stipulate the government's view on a settlement of Transnistria's historical gas debt in Transnistria, which now stands at 3.5 billion dollars.

According to Lazar, the agreement would provide civilized, modern and very transparent conditions for the operation of the Moldovan energy system. He said that the Moldovan- Russian relations will develop in accordance with Russia's World Trade Organization membership, as well as with Moldova's statute of member of the Energy Community Treaty.

Prime Minister Vlad Filat is going to present the document during his visit to Moscow on 10-12 September.

Adopted from Moldpres