World Bank likely to give Moldova 30 million dollars in budgetary support

The Moldovan government may receive 30 million dollars from the World Bank as budgetary support for 2012. The Cabinet of Ministers set up a group of negotiators in this respect on September 10.

Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta said after the cabinet's meeting, that the group will hold talks with a World Bank delegation that arrived in Chisinau on 10 September.

The proceeds will be earmarked as financial support in very favourable conditions, aiming at ensuring Moldova's competitiveness, Negruta said. The money will be meant for several planned activities, which have been already fulfilled, among which a series of already amended laws, such as the mortgage law, the insolvency law, the law on stock companies and the law on capital, the minister said.

The World Bank will earmark the funds after these laws are promulgated and published in Moldova's official paper Monitorul Oficial.

Adopted from Moldpres