Adjara uses its registered, record-breaking migration of birds for tourism development

According to the information of the tourism department, the Batumi neighborhood, in particular area of Chaisubani and Sahalvasho villages, is the world’s narrowest corridor for migratory birds. Every year hundreds of thousands of birds fly via this area to their wintering and nesting places.

Just within one day, on September 3, 2012, approximately 165 000 eagles were recorded there. All birds were counted by the international organization «Batumi Raptor Count». This number exceeds the record of 124 000 raptors, registered in Israel in 1982.

Within the nearest future the tourism department in Chaisubani village will complete the construction of the infrastructure for the point of observation of the migratory birds. The official opening ceremony of this observation point will be held on September 22 within the framework of the Batumi bird festival.

Adapted from GruziaOnline