Hotel discount programme “Seaside for everyone” launched in Romania beginning September 1

With the beginning of autumn the number of tourists on the Romanian seaside has gone down substantially. Since September 1 they have started the «Seaside for everyone» programme. In line with the temperature decrease, prices for tourist packages have also gone down up to 30%.

The price for hotel stay for 6 nights per person (in Romanian lei) is:

hotel 5* w/breakfast: 549;
hotel 4* w/breakfast: 439;
hotel 3* w/breakfast: 379;
hotel 2* w/breakfast: 279;
hotel 3* w/o breakfast: 240;
hotel 2* w/o breakfast: 209;
hotel 1* w/o breakfast: 179.

Prices for 5 nights per person w/all inclusive:

hotel 5*: 895;
hotel 4*: 795;
hotel 3*: 695.

English translation BSN
Adopted from Gazeta de Navodari