A database of attacks by Ukrainian drones and missiles on the territory of occupied Crimea and Russian ships in the Black Sea in January-November 2023

The Monitoring Group of BlackSeaNews
and the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies

The Monitoring Group of the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies and BlackSeaNews, based on the results of its own monitoring, presents a database of attacks by Ukrainian drones and missiles on the territory of occupied Crimea and Russian ships in the Black Sea in January-November 2023*.

*Note that:
1) the actual number may be much higher;
2) the reliability of Russian data on the attack results is always deliberately downplayed.

From January to November 2023, i.e., over 334 days, the Ukrainian Defense Forces carried out at least 168 attacks on targets in Crimean peninsula and Russian Black Sea Fleet, averaging one every other day.

Among those:

  • in Sevastopol – at least 41 attacks, or 24%

  • on BSF ships at sea – at least 20 attacks, or 12%

  • in Yevpatoriya, Saksky, Chornomorsky and Rozdolnensky districts (Western Crimea) – at least 30 attacks, or 18%

  • in Dzhankoy region— at least 15 attacks, or 9%

  • in Feodosia region – at least 13 attacks, or 7.6%

  • on Kerch Bridge – at least 4 attacks.

The distribution of attacks by calendar months in 2023 is shown in the diagram:

* * *

List of Drone and Missile Attacks on the Territory of the Crimean Peninsula Between January 1 and November 30, 2023 (monitoring by the BSISS/BSN Monitoring Group):

02.01.2023 – attack on Sevastopol by 2 UAVs. The official report stated that the air defense systems shot down first one and later the second drone over the sea. At the same time, Russian media reported that one drone had been shot down over the city

04.01.2023 – attack on Sevastopol by 2 UAVs. The official report stated that in the morning, air defense forces had shot down two UAVs near the Belbek airfield

07.01.2023 – UAV attack on Sevastopol. The official report stated that in the morning, one UAV had been shot down over the Northern Bridge, at the entrance to the main bay

15.01.2023 – sounds of explosions in Sevastopol. Crimean social media publics reported explosions in several areas. There has been no official report

16.01.2023 – 7 to 10 UAVs attack on Belbek air base in Sevastopol. The official report stated that the air defense and BSF forces had shot down 7 UAVs over the sea. The attack began after midnight. First, it was reported that a UAV had been shot down over the bay, later – that the UAV had been shot down over the sea on the way to the Belbek airfield

24.01.2023 – explosions in Simferopol. Citizens reported the sounds of at least 4 explosions in the area of the 51st Army Street. There has been no official report

16.02.2023 – a UAV attack on Sevastopol. Around 5:00 am, several explosions were heard over the areas where Russian military units were located. The largest explosion occurred at 6:15 am. The official report stated that in the Sevastopol area, air defense and the Black Sea Fleet had shot down 2 of the 2 UAVs over the sea

17.02.2023 – a UAV attack on Sevastopol with sounds of 2 explosions heard by the Sevastopol residents in the area of Lukomskaya Street, on Ostryakov Avenue, in Kamyshova Bay, a very powerful one in Balaklava district and so on. The Russian version announced emergencies at the Balaklava thermal power plant and at a a ship in the Striletska Bay. The official report stated that air defense was «operating in the area of the Balaklava TPP» and that a drone had been allegedly shot down, with the TPP undamaged and working normally. It was reported that an emergency situation occurred in Striletska Bay where allegedly, an electrical outlet «on a decommissioned small anti-submarine ship that was being prepared for disposal» caught fire because of a heater, causing a «house fire»

01.03.2023 – sounds of night explosions in Saki and Yevpatoria, in the Simferopol region of Crimea and on the Southern Coast. Crimean publics reported the sounds of explosions in Bakhchisarai near the military unit on Simferopolska Street, in many villages of Bakhchisarai district, Yalta, Gurzuf and several other settlements, in particular, in Chornomorske and Mizhvodne. Russian bloggers explained the sounds of the explosions as the plane going supersonic. There has been no official report

02.03.2023 – a 2 UAV attack on Saky. At about two in the morning, two unidentified UAVs crashed on the territory of a military unit in the Saky area. The Russian side reported the work of air defense. After the UAVs fell down, one of them allegedly exploded. As a result, the wall of one of the buildings had been pierced by debris. Telegram channels also published a photo of a Mugin-5 Pro UAV that had been allegedly grounded by electronic warfare equipment in the Saky district

04.03.2023 – a UAV attack on the airbase in Hvardiyske, Simferopol district. The crimeans reported that at about 4 p.m. in Hvardiyske air defense had been activated, shooting down a drone that fell and exploded on the territory of a garden cooperative

07.03.2023 – an explosion near the Belbek airfield in Sevastopol. The official report state that "ship's crews are training on the outer roadstead. Everything is calm in the city»

20.03.2023 – a kamikaze drone attack on the Dzhankoy railway junction. The strike involving about 10 explosions destroyed a cargo of sea-launched NK missiles and damaged the railway junction. Some areas of the city lost power.The railway station’s locomotive depot, security building and the fuel and goods warehouses suffered considerable damage

22.03.2023 – 2-3 naval drone and an aerial UAV attack on Sevastopol. The official report stated that 3 surface – according to another version, 2 surface and one airborne – had been destroyed and no warships had been damaged. «One unmanned surface vehicle had been stopped by protective booms, while two other destroyed in the harbor.» The attack took place at 5 am. «The first drone, a surface drone, was destroyed from a ship – the men on duty saw it from the ship. Fifteen minutes later, two more had been shot down by riflemen on the approach to the Sevastopol raid. The explosions damaged several buildings, in particular, windows were kicked out at 2 Lenina Street, in the Moscow House. The Russian Defense Minister gifted the two soldiers who had destroyed the drones with a cash bonus

29.03.2023 – a UAV attack on Hvardiyske, Simferopol district. The official report said that a UAV had been shot down in Simferopol district and allegedly crashed in a field, causing no casualties or damage

31.03.2023 – a UAV attack in Razdolne, home to the radio engineering military unit 85683-r of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Northwestern Crimea. Publics reported the sound of an explosion and a smoke trail in the sky that looked like air defense, as well as a column of smoke on land, next to the power line

04.04.2023 – a 2 UAV attack caused fire in abandoned farm in Armyansk where Russian military were stationed

08.04.2023 – a 2 missile attack on Feodosia. One hit the positions of a division of the 18th regiment of the 31st air defense division of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces (S-400 Triumph), wounding three servicemen. According to the official version, the second missile launched allegedly from the Ukrainian side was shot down by the Russian air defense system in the Radyanskyi district over the village of Urozhayne

13.04.2023 – an explosion near the town of Staryi Krym in Kirovsky district. That morning local residents reported a powerful explosion in the area of the Russian Armed Forces military camp (45.0868566, 35.0704649) behind Agarmysh. There have been no official comments from either side

19.04.2023 – the Sevastopol locals reported the sounds of the machine gun fire and a rocket launch at the time when no military exercises had been announced. However, official sources reported that those were exercises aimed at defending the Sevastopol Bay raid

20.04.2023 – sounds of explosions in Sevastopol. Official sources reported "practice as part of the of anti-submarine sabotage support»

22.04.2023 – the sound of an explosion and an aerial target, probably a UAV in the Kerch Peninsula in Eastern Crimea. Residents of Leninsky district heard loud sounds. The pro-Russian publics comment read: «An enemy object has been shot down over the Sea of Azov. No damage or casualties»

24.04.2023 – a 2-3 surface drone attack in Sevastopol. Two explosions were heard in the city. According to official reports, the drones had been destroyed on Sevastopol’s outer raid. As a result, four residential buildings suffered window damage

29.04.2023 – a 2 UAV attack on Kozacha Bay in Sevastopol, causing explosion and fire at the BSF oil depot. The fire engulfed at area of 1000 square meters and destroyed more than 10 oil product tanks totaling about 40 thousand tons. According to the Russian sources, «only one drone reached the oil tank, while the second one has been shot down with firearms by the fleet's surveillance posts servicemen, with its pieces found on the shore by the terminal.»

29.04.2023 – a 2 UAV attack. According to Russian sources, one UAV had been shot down by air defense forces in the sky over Crimea, while another suppressed by electronic warfare. There were no casualties or damage. The attack allegedly took place simultaneously with the attack on Sevastopol, but the downing location is unknown

01.05.2023 – a 2 UAV attack on Sevastopol. According to the Russian version, the attack had been repelled on the outer raid with one UAV downed while trying to approach Sevastopol

01.05.2023 – a UAV attack on Western Crimea. Traces of the air defense systems’ operation were seen over the village of Zaozerne near Yevpatoria. The area is home of the 40th separate command and measurement complex (Center for Long-Range Space Communications, military unit 81415), part of the Main Space Test Center of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The Center has a unique RT-70 (P-2500) radio telescope with a mirror diameter of 70 m and a radio telescope area of 2500 square meters, making it one of the largest fully mobile radio telescopes in the world, seized during the occupation of Crimea from the National Center for Space Control and Testing of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

03.05.2023 – Southeastern Crimea. According to official reports, «air defense forces have successfully practiced in the southeast of Crimea with no damages or casualties»

04.05.2023 – a UAV attack in Sevastopol. According to official reports, around 19.00, air defense forces destroyed a UAV in the area of the Belbek airfield. No facilities have been damaged

06.05.2023 – a 2 missile attack on Eastern Crimea, attack. The official Russian report stated that: «ballistic missiles from the OTRK Grom-2 have been shot down over Crimea.» According to the Ukrainian sources: «There was a loud explosion in Sovetske district with the ground vibrating. A missile has been shot down over the village of Dmytrivka»

07.05.2023 – a massive 10 or 22 UAV attack on Sevastopol. The Sevastopol version read: «At night, air defense forces and electronic warfare units repelled another attack on Sevastopol. The 1st UAV lost control and crashed in a forest area. The 2nd one was shot down over the sea in Khersoness. The 3rd one was shot down over the sea from the side of the Northern breakwater. No city objects have been damaged. In total, more than 10 drones have attacked Crimea and Sevastopol.» Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry's version stated: «Overnight, air defense systems detected 22 Ukrainian attack drones over the Black Sea. All the UAVs were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile systems or suppressed by electronic warfare.»

12.05.2023 – a UAV attack in Crimea. The official reports stated that an enemy UAV had been shot down by air defense forces in Western Crimea

18.05.2023 - Simferopol district, undermining of the railway. An explosive device went off under the railway track on the branch between Simferopol and Sevastopol near the village of Chistenkoye at 8 a.m. The power of the explosion was about 25-40 kilograms in TNT equivalent. About 150 m of railway was damaged. The explosive wave scattered five wagons across the field, the sound was heard in neighboring villages. 8 carriages derailed, the repair of the track is planned to be completed in the evening (in fact, traffic was restored a day after the accident). Train traffic between Simferopol and Sevastopol was stopped, passengers were transferred to buses. An explosion on the rails near Simferopol temporarily blocked the only railway line to the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the port of Sevastopol.

19.05.2023 – a 4 UAV attack in Northern Crimea. According to the official reports, four UAVs had been shot down by air defense forces in Northern Crimea. 

24.05.2023. Black Sea waters. An attack by 3 surface drones (USV) on the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs 140 kilometers from the Bosphorus, in Turkey's economic zone.

25.05.2023. Sevastopol. An attack by several UAVs. Officially reported by Sevastopol «authorities» that in the Kacha area, the BSF had shot down with small arms 2 UAVs, while several more drones had been jammed and landed by electronic warfare.

25.05.2023. North and west of Crimea. An attack by 6 UAVs. Officially reported by Crimea that all 6 UAVs had been jammed and grounded by electronic warfare and shot down by air defense. According to unofficial information from Crimean TV channels, one of the UAVs had tried to attack a water pumping station in Bakhchisaray district, while another Mugin-5 – crashed into a warehouse north of Dzhankoy, causing a small fire.

04.06.2023. Dzhankoy. An attack by 9 UAVs. Officially reported that 5 UAVs had been shot down, while the other 4 – suppressed by electronic warfare. 

07.06.2023. Crimea, east. Officially reported the jamming and grounding of 1 UAV.

10.06.2023. Simferopol. 2 explosions in the railway station area due to a missile attack. Officially reported that Russian air defense shot down two ballistic missiles launched by a Ukrainian Grom-2.

11.06.2023. Black Sea. A surface drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance ship Priazovye 300 km from Sevastopol, about 200 km from the Bosphorus.  

11.06.2023. Kirovsky district north of Feodosia. An explosion blew up a railroad track in front of a freight train. Train traffic in the area was subsequently stopped. The Kerch-Dzhankoy railroad runs through the area and then on to Simferopol, Sevastopol, and the Kherson region.

15.06.2023. Krasnohvardiiske district. An attack by 9 UAVs. Officially reported that 6 UAVs had been shot down by Russian air defense, while 3 – suppressed by electronic warfare. One drone detonated in the Krasnohvardiiyske district, Dokuchayevo village.

18.06.2023. Krasnoperekopsk district. The sounds of explosions, machine gun or automatic rifle bursts. A helicopter circled over Krasnoperekopsk for 15 minutes in the area of the North Crimean Canal, probably hunting for a Ukrainian UAV.

19.06.2023. Crimea, north. An attack by 2 UAVs. Officially reported that they’d been downed by air defense. The drone crashed on a railroad track near the Solone Ozero station in Dzhankoy district.

20.06.2023. Dzhankoy. 3 explosions and missile sounds. Officially reported that 1 UAV had been downed.

21.06.2023. Sevastopol. 2 powerful explosions in the evening, after which a «large object» fell into the sea at a distance of about 1.5 km from the shore on the Victory Park traverse. 

21.06.2023. Feodosia. Damage to the railroad track «as a result of interference by unauthorized persons.» Two suburban trains running from Feodosia to Vladyslavivka were subsequently delayed for two hours.

22.06.2023. Dzhankoy district of Crimea/Genichesk district of Kherson region. A missile attack – possible by Storm Shadow – on the Chongar bridge across the Sivash. Vehicular traffic on the bridge was subsequently stopped and detour via Armyansk enforced. The nearby railroad bridge remained undamaged.

23.06.2023. Razdolnensky district. At night, an explosion, likely by Russian air defense, and the sound of a UAV was heard over the village of Kumovo.

24.06.2023. Feodosia. A local resident reported 3 explosions, no official comment.

24.06.2023. Crimea, Armyansk. 3:15 – 5 loud explosions heard, no official comment.

24.06.2023. Simferopol district, the Gvardeyskoye (military airfield) area. 2 explosions, no official comment.

25.06.2023. Sevastopol. 7:10 – a powerful explosion that shook the windows and set the car alarms, no official comment.

26.06.2023. Military fuel and lubricant depots caught fire near the villages of Tokarevo and Shubyne, Kirovsk district.

09.07.2023. Kerch Bridge. A cruise missile strike and several air defense explosions. Officially reported that at around 12.00 in the Kerch area, air defense allegedly had shot down a cruise missile and that there had been no damage to the bridge. Meanwhile, the Kerch Bridge was subsequently briefly closed to civilian traffic in both directions.

16.07.2023. Sevastopol. An attack by 8 UAVs and 2 surface drones that lasted from 4:20 to 11:00 a.m. in the area of Cape Khersones, the main bay and Balaklava. According to Russian assessment, 1 UAV had been shot down over the sea and on the approach to the bays, while 5 others – jammed by electronic warfare. Another UAV was shot down near Cape Manganari separating Komysheva and Kozacha bays. Also, 2 surface drones were destroyed on an external raid. 

17.07.2023. Kerch Bridge. An attack, possibly by surface drones with explosives, at around 3:20 a.m. One of the spans of the bridge’s highway part near the 145th pillar was destroyed. Rail and road traffic on the bridge, as well as the ferry service, were subsequently suspended. Everyone traveling between Russia and Crimea was advised to do so via the occupied areas of Azov Sea region. The Russian Ministry of Transport stated that one of the bridge spans had sagged, but that the supports remained intact. The railroad track also survived the attack.

18.07.2023. Crimea, east. Massive attack by 28 UAVs. Officially reported in Crimea that air defense systems had shot down 9 UAVs, while 19 had been intercepted by electronic warfare. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that air defense had destroyed 17 Ukrainian drones, while another 11 had been intercepted.

18.07.2023. Razdolnoye. At about 02:30 am, 2 powerful explosions in a military unit, probably due to a missile or drone strike. The incident wasn’t included in the Russian Defense Ministry’s official report of 28 UAV attack. A week later, Ukrainian sources reported that after the two attacks at the military unit in Rozdolne on 18.07 and 20.07, some equipment and personnel had been deployed behind the village of Botanichne, while other – behind the village of Kumove on the bay shore. According to the reports, S300 or S400 missiles were being transported by tractor-trailers right through the village.

19.07.2023. Kirovsk district, the village of Krynychky. Around 4 a.m., a large-scale fire and ammunition detonation at the Starokrymsk training ground. As a result, the Tavrida highway was blocked with a detour enforced, and the evacuation of more than two thousand civilians from four settlements announced. The warehouses had been used to store ammunition and train the 56th Air Assault Regiment that had been stationed in Feodosia since December 1, 2021. The fire lasted for more than a day.

20.07.2023. Razdolnensky district. A UAV strike. According to official reports, 4 administrative buildings in one of the settlements had been damaged as a result. The village of Razdolnoye declared a municipal emergency.

20.07.2023. According to official reports, Russian air defense had shot down a UAV in central Crimea.

22.07.2023. Krasnohvardiiyske district, Oktyabrske village. A UAV or Storm Shadow missile attack. Officially reported that the UAV attack had caused detonation at an ammunition depot. The population within a 5 km radius was subsequently evacuated. As a result, traffic on the Crimean railroad was suspended for 5 hours. The Ukrainian side confirmed the strike on the warehouses and oil depot in Oktyabrske. The village is the site of a military airfield and also used for military equipment deployment.

24.07.2023. Crimea, north. A strike on military facilities of the Russian Armed Forces. While the Ukrainian sources reported that Crimea had been struck with 4 cruise missiles, probably Storm Shadow, the Crimean «authorities» – reported an attack by 11 drones, and the Russian Defense Ministry – 17 drones, 11 of which allegedly fell in the Black Sea. Ukrainian sources reported a hit at an ammunition depot in the village of Vilne, Dzhankoy district – the storage site of the Oniks missiles used to shell Odesa – as well as three hits near a former military airfield.The Russian side confirmed the fact that an ammunition depot in the Dzhankoy district had been hit. Railroad traffic in the area was subsequently suspended for two hours, while the Dzhankoy-Simferopol highway – for one hour. The population within 5 km of the warehouse was evacuated.

25.07.2023. Krasnohvardiiyske district. Attack by a UAV or 2 Storm Shadow missiles. Two missiles were recorded hitting an abandoned farm with Russian military equipment in the village of Krasna Polyana. As a result of the missile strike on the farm, the Russian repair battalion was significantly damaged.

25.07.2023. Nizhnohirsk district, Kostochkivka village. Russian sources reported finding a Mugin 5 Pro UAV with explosives in the field.

25.07.2023. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported a night attack by two unmanned boats (marine drones) on the BSF patrol ship Sergei Kotov that had been performing a «navigation control» mission in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, 370 kilometers from Sevastopol, 130 kilometers from the Bosphorus.

26.07.2023. Sevastopol. At 10.20 a.m., residents of Balaklava heard sounds of missile launches and air defense operations that lasted until 11.00 a.m. It was also reported that Russian air defense was operating in the area of Kazachya Bay.

27.07.2023. Krasnohvardiiyske district. An air defense system fired at an unknown air target.

27.07.2023. Saki district. A UAV – possibly Muglin-5 Pro – wreckage washed up on the beach near the village of Shtormove. The site was immediately surrounded by Russian security forces.

28.07.2023. Dzhankoy district. The UAV – possibly Muglin-5 Pro – wreckage was found near the railway track on the 9th km of the Dzhankoy-Bohemka stretch, one kilometer from the village of Kalynivka, Dzhankoy district. 

28.07.2023. Sevastopol. At about 22:00, a military ammunition depot in Kozacha Bay in Sevastopol blew up due to sabotage. 

29.07.2023. Dzhankoy district of Crimea/Genichesk district of Kherson region. A 05:15 a.m. missile attack on the Chongar bridge, probably with Storm Shadow. As a result, the railroad track was damaged, while vehicular traffic across the highway bridge – briefly blocked. According to Russian reports, the bridge had been attacked by 12 missiles, all of which had been allegedly shot down by Russian air defense, but «in one area, fragments of foreign weapons have slightly damaged the trackman's booth and the contact line.» The repair of the damage took almost 10 hours.

30.07.2023. Western Crimea. In the morning, the Russian Defense Ministry reported repelling a night attack by 25 Ukrainian UAVs with 16 of them destroyed by air defense fire and 9 – jammed by electronic warfare, causing them to drown near Cape Tarkhankut.

31.07.2023. Kerch. Information received about the mining of the Kerch-South railway station. The occupiers carried out a «complex of counterterrorism measures.»

01.08.2023. Black Sea waters. The occupiers officially reported an «unsuccessful» attack by Ukrainian USVs on Russian project 22160 patrol ships Sergei Kotov and Vasily Bykov 340 km southwest of Sevastopol. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Navy officially stated that Ukraine had not been involved in the attack. According to unofficial information, the attack was successful resulting in 1 Russians serviceman dead and 5 wounded. The previous attack by 2 naval drones on the patrol ship Sergei Kotov in the same area took place on July 25, 2023.

01.08.2023. Sevastopol, Kara-Koba training ground. The Sevastopol «authorities» reported an alleged attack by a Ukrainian UAV that had beed jammed by electronic warfare and crashed near the Kara-Koba training ground. The fire that broke out as a result of the explosion on the ground had been extinguished.

02.08.2023. Simferopol district. Local residents reported that at around 10 a.m., explosions had been heard near the village of Hvardiiyske, home of the Russian air base and the deployment site of the Russian VKS’s 7th Mixed Aviation Regiment. The attack method unknown.

04.08.2023. Novorossiysk Bay, RF Black Sea waters and coast. At about 5 a.m., 2 unmanned marine drones attacked a number of facilities in the port Novorossiysk waters, damaging the Olenegorsky Gornyak shipyard. There is unverified information on the destruction of the project 21980 anti-submarine boat P-349 Suvorovets during the attack. The Russian side claimed that though the oil infrastructure in Novorossiysk had been damaged, that did not affect the shipment of oil to moored tankers.

04.08.2023. Primorsky village, Feodosia. At 3.20 a.m. in Feodosia, the sounds of Russian air defense, drones and about 7 explosions were heard. The Feodosia oil depot had been hit and a fire broke out. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 13 drones had been destroyed over Crimea with 10 of those shot down and 3 – suppressed by electronic warfare.

04.08.2023. Dzhankoy, Armyansk and Feodosia. Local residents reported that at 1.30 a.m. they heard 5 explosions in the area of Armyansk. In Dzhankoy, at 3.00 a.m., a siren in the military camp of the Russian Armed Forces started and lasted for over half an hour. Feodosia local publics disseminated information about explosions in the area of Feodosia oil depot. While there was no official information on specific cases, those explosions could have been included in the statistics of the night attack on Crimea by almost a dozen UAVs.

04.08.2023. Kerch Bridge area. On the evening of August 4, eyewitnesses reported the sound of an explosion in the Kerch Bridge area. Meanwhile, the adviser to the «governor» of the occupied Crimea, Oleg Kryuchkov, said that the loud sounds «had nothing to do with the Crimean bridge.»

05.08.2023. Black Sea waters south of the Kerch Strait, 32 miles from the Kerch Bridge. An attack by USV on the SIG tanker that as a result, sustained a hole in the starboard side near the engine room. The Ukrainian side admitted that the attack was a joint SBU and Navy operation. Russian speakers made no secret of the attack and widely accused Ukraine of terrorism. Meanwhile, as the SIG tanker had been transporting aviation fuel from the occupied Crimea for the Russian military contingent in Syria, it was undeniably a legitimate military target.

05.08.2023. Sevastopol. According to the city occupation «authorities», a Ukrainian maritime drone had been spotted in the open sea around noon, resulting in the skiff movement from Balaklava to the beaches and back restricted until 2 p.m.. 

06.08.2023. Crimea/Kherson region. Around 3 p.m., a Storm Shadow missile attack near the administrative border of Kherson region and the ARC, damaging the Chongar Bridge and significantly damaging the Genichesk-Arabat Spit Bridge.

07.08.2023. Feodosia. At about 10 a.m., large-caliber weapons shooting was heard in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Eyewitnesses reported that the loud sounds came from the port area. No further information available.

09.08.2023. Feodosia. Eyewitnesses reported smoke or fire in the port of Feodosia around noon. No further information available.

10.08.2023. Sevastopol. A massive UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that 11 UAVs had attacked Sevastopol overnight with 9 of those jammed by electronic warfare and 2 –shot down by air defense over the Black Sea.

12.08.2023. Novoozerne, Yevpatoria district. A massive night attack by UAVs on a Russian troops concentration. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 20 UAVs had attacked Novoozerne village, 14 of which were destroyed and 5 jammed by electronic warfare. The Ministry denies casualties and damage. Meanwhile, the SBU claimed responsibility for the attack that targeted a Russian Armed Forces tent camp and the 943rd Mobilization Deployment Center parking lots and announced numerous casualties among RAF personnel.

12.08.2023. Kerch Bridge. A missile strike from an unknown system damaged the bridge structures. The Russian side claimed that Ukrainians had used a modified S-200 anti-aircraft missile, while the Ukrainian side did not disclose the attack method. The experts criticized the Russian version of the modified S-200 involved, as the amount of explosives it could carry over a distance of 300 km would have been too small to destroy the bridge. It is speculated that it could have been a Tu-141 (143) Strizh UAV. 

16.08.2023. Crimea, location unspecified. The Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction by air defense of a UAV over the territory of occupied Crimea at 11 a.m. 

17.08.2023. Black Sea waters, southwest of Sevastopol. A multiple USV attack on the project 1135M Pytlyvy and project 22160 Vasily Bykov patrol ships 237 km. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the drones had been destroyed by the ships' onboard weapons. For reference: Vasily Bykov has been attacked twice already – together with Sergey Kotov on August 1, 2023, and together with Pytlivyi on August 17, 2023. On August 13, it was the crew of Vasily Bykov that enforced the check-up of the dry cargo ship Sukra Okan. 

19.08.2023. Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that at night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces had struck Crimea with the strike version of a converted S-200 anti-aircraft missile. According to the Russians, the missile had been shot down. The location was not specified. The sound of the explosion was heard in areas from Simferopol to Bakhchisarai and Alushta. A video of a huge crater, allegedly from the site of the missile's impact, has been posted on social media. 

21.08.2023. Black Sea waters. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that at 11 p.m., two UAVs had been jammed by electronic warfare in the Black Sea. According to the Russian version, the drones lost control and crashed into the sea 40 km northwest of Crimea.

22.08.2023. Black Sea waters. Morning – a firefight between a Russian military aircraft and Ukrainian combat boats in the territorial waters of Ukraine near Zmeinyi Island, close the so-called «Boyko towers». According to GUR, the occupiers' plane attempted to attack the military boats of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine, but was damaged by a shot of the boat’s man-portable air defense system. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that a Su-30SM aircraft of the Russian BSF allegedly destroyed a «US-made Willard Sea Force fast military boat carrying a Ukrainian Armed Forces landing unit.» 

23.08.2023. West Coast of Crimea, Olenivka, Cape Tarkhankut. A Neptune cruise missile of the Ukrainian Navy destroyed a 48YA6-K1 Podlet air reconnaissance radar and a 5P85SM2-0 launcher of the S-400 Triumph air defense system.

24.08.2023. West Coast of Crimea, near Olenivka village. About 5 a.m. – a battle near the village of Mayak between Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) and Russian Armes Forces troops involving watercraft. The Ukrainian military was conducting activities as part of a special operation. Russian publics wrote that a GUR landing group of up to 10 people conducted a quick photo shoot with the Ukrainian flag on the western coast of Crimea.

25.08.2023. Crimea. At around 4 a.m., a massive attack by Ukrainian UAVs, in particular, on one of the largest military units of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Perevalne (Simferopol district) – the 126th Separate Combatant Command of the Russian Southern Military District. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukraine used up to 42 UAVs, the largest number since the beginning of the Great War. The sounds of explosions and drone flights were heard by residents of Simferopol, Sevastopol, Olenivka, Saki, Cape Meganom and areas close to Cape Tarkhankut.

The Ukrainian side reported that SSO, together with other units of the Defense Forces, conducted the Top Gun operation resulting in 3-7 occupants killed and a large number wounded.

28.08.2023. Yevpatoria city area and Razdolnensky district. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that at about 10:30 a.m., 2 UAVs had been allegedly destroyed over Crimea, and at about 11:30 a.m. a Ukrainian cruise missile shot down in the air over the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea. 

29.08.2023. Black Sea waters. In the afternoon, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian air defense had allegedly intercepted two HIMARS multiple launch rockets, a Neptune anti-ship missile and two HARM anti-radar missiles. The information remains unverified.

29.08.2023. Black Sea waters. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, one UAV had been shot down by a naval aircraft over the Black Sea at about 12 p.m., and another one intercepted and crashed in the Black Sea at around 1 p.m.

30.08.2023. Dzhankoy district. Between 10 and 11 a.m., local residents reported two powerful explosions also heard in the Krasnoperekopsk district. Shortly after, the city of Dzhankoy lost power. The likely target of the Ukrainian attack was the Dzhankoy RAF military airfield.

30.08.2023. Sevastopol. From 3 to 4 a.m., several UAVs attacked Sevastopol from Sevastopol Bay. At 4 a.m., the Sevastopol occupation «authorities» reported that the air defense forces had finished operation over the Black Sea waters, but didn’t provide information on the number and type of targets destroyed. 

30.08.2023. East Coast of Crimea. A UAV attack. Between 9–10 p.m., explosions similar to air defense were heard near the settlements of Feodosia, Primorsky and Stary Krym. Local residents claimed to have heard the sounds of a UAV flying overhead. The UAV debris damage to a powerline and a building in the Kerch Highway (Feodosia) area has been reported. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that a cruise missile had been shot down by Russian air defense, without specifying the type.

31.08.2023. Feodosia and vicinity. Shots and explosions. At around 8 p.m., locals reported the sounds of powerful explosions at the Starokrymsky training ground near Feodosia. There had been no prior warning by the occupation «authorities» on any exercises. Among other things, in the city of Feodosia, locals reported the sounds of shots coming from the Dynamo Stadium area that is in close proximity to both RAF barracks and the Feodosia port currently used for the export of stolen Ukrainian grain.

02.09.2023. Kerch Bridge. A 3 USVs attack. According to Russian media reports, 2 of the USVs had been allegedly destroyed in the waters south of the Kerch Bridge, while the third one found at anchorage among Russian ships and destroyed by the project 1135M patrol ship Pytlivyi near Cape Zheleznyi Rog in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. 

04.09.2023. Black Sea waters, location unspecified. A UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of a UAV over the Black Sea waters near Crimea.

04.09.2023. Black Sea waters near Cape Tarkhankut. An attack by 4 USVs. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian BSF naval aircraft had allegedly destroyed 4 US-made Willard Sea Force high-speed military boats carrying AFU landing units. 

05.09.2023. Crimea, location unspecified. A UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of an aircraft-type UAV over Crimea.

07.09.2023. Tarkhankut. At around 6.00 p.m., two fires broke out near the villages of Olenivka and Chornomorske. According to available information, the Russians had previously deployed several military facilities in these areas, including the S-400 Triumph air defense system that was destroyed by the UAF on 23.08.2023. A fire near Chornomorske broke out near an abandoned military unit deployment site.

08.09.2023. Armyansk. A 2 missile attack on the railway station. At about 11 am, after the Russian air defense fire, debris fell near the Armyansk railway station damaging a residential building. The alleged missile target – a nearby Russian border guard unit. The second missile landed at a private summer residence. Russian media reported the downing of a Ukrainian UAV.

09.09.2023. Eastern Crimea, Kirovsky district. At around 11 a.m., two explosions of unknown origin were heard in the area of Staryi Krym. There had been no prior warning on the possible ammunition «utilization» that day.

09.09.2023. Northwest of Crimea, Razdolnensky district. At 6:45 p.m., Russian air defense systems located before the Kovylne village were activated. No additional information available.

09.09.2023. Western coast of Crimea, near Cape Tarkhankut. A fire was reported near a military facility where a radar node with Nebo-M Kasta-2E2 radars was located. The Russian occupation authorities have been concealing information about the incident.

09.09.2023. Feodosia, fire, likely, near an air defense position. At around 5:40 p.m., eyewitnesses began posting on social media photos of a powerful fire on Mount Tepe-Oba, where Russian air defense positions are stationed.

09.09.2023. Western Crimea, Novoozerne village, Donuzlav Bay shore. Two missile or UAV hits resulting in a large fire between the military unit site and the village of Desantnyk.

09.09.2023. Kerch. A fire near the Kerch-2 railway station. Causes and consequences unknown.

09.09.2023. Dzhankoy district, Vilne village. A fire at the airfield. At around 4 p.m., a fire reported at the military airfield near the village of Vilne. That same evening, Aksyonov reported the downing of a UAV over northern Crimea that may have been the cause.

09.09.2023. Simferopol district. A fire in a military unit’s fuel warehouse. In the afternoon, a fire broke out in a Simferopol military unit on Kalinin Street, including in the fuel tank warehouse. Collaborator Oleg Kryuchkov called it «an ordinary household fire.»

09.09.2023. Molochne village, Western Crimea. Fire in the area of the S-400 air defense system division location. Causes and consequences unknown.

13.09.2023. Sevastopol, Pivdenna and Korabelna Bays. A combined missile attack on Sevmorzavod, resulting in the large project 775 amphibious assault ship Minsk and project 636.3 submarine Rostov-on-Don destroyed or severely damaged. At about 3 a.m., Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a combined missile attack on Sevmorzavod. Ukrainian Air Force reported that the strike had been carried out by aircraft, namely, long-range air-to-ground missiles Storm Shadow/SCALP EG launched from two fighter jets.

Data on casualties varies. Initially, it was reported that 24 servicemen were injured and at least two repair plant employees killed. Subsequently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that Minsk personnel casualties totaled 62 people. 

In addition, it is reported that on the same day, three Ukrainian Armed Forces USVs attacked a Russian BSF detachment on sea crossing. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the drones had been destroyed by the patrol ship Vasily Bykov. At the same time, Russian publics wrote that there had actually been 6 drones, one of which had managed to approach the ship and damage the hull.

For reference: There are yet to be verified reports that at the time of UAF attacks on Sevastopol and Russian BSF detachment, the Starlink communication system developed technical problems worldwide. Elon Musk's company reported the problem, as well as the attempts to promptly fix it. The connection disappeared immediately after the air-raid alert in Sevastopol, and was restored only an hour later. 

13.09.2023. Black Sea waters, northwest. A boat destroyed. The Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy KC-701 Tunets type boat. On the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the alleged destruction of 3 Ukrainian USVs by Russian aviation. This is already the second destroyed KC-701 Tunets type boat. The previous one was destroyed on September 03, 2023 during an unsuccessful RAF landing on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea.

14.09.2023. Yevpatoria. Between 5.30 and 7 a.m., the AFU carried out a combined drone and missile attack destroying the S-400 Triumph air defense system. First, more than a dozen drones hit the radar system, including both radars and antennas. After the radar had been disabled, the Navy units hit the Triumph launchers with two Neptune cruise missiles.

14.09.2023. Black Sea waters, unspecified location. A multiple USV attack on project 22160 patrol ships Sergei Kotov and Vasily Bykov confirmed by both sides. No reliable information on the result available. 

14.09.2023. Black Sea waters, the Sevastopol Bay entrance. An attack, likely by USVs, on the Samum missile ship. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that a USV had been allegedly destroyed by the ship's onboard weapons. At the same time, the SBU sources reported that the Morskyi Malyuk drone hit the rear right side of the ship, causing significant damage, which resulted in the ship losing momentum. The Russians had to tow Samum for repairs with a large differential to the stern and a roll to starboard.

14.09.2023. Black Sea waters, southwest. A multiple USV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry published information that during the day, the BSF had detected and destroyed two UAF semi-submersible boats in the southwestern part of the Black Sea.

15.09.2023. Black Sea waters. A multiple USV attack on a small project 22800 missile ship Askold that, according to available information, has been unsuccessful. The Ukrainian side did not comment on the situation.

17.09.2023. Area north of Cape Tarkhankut, Azov Sea coast near Arabat Spit. A multiple UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported 6 downed UAVs between 1:15 and 2:20 a.m. on September 17 – 2 off the western coast of Crimea and 4 – over the northwestern and eastern coasts.

Later, Ukrainian Crimean publics reported that traces of fire near Olenivka (Tarkhankut) radar positions had appeared on Sentinel satellite images on September 17, the day the Russian Defense Ministry reported a UAV shot down in the area.

17.09.2023. Feodosia. An attack by 2 UAVs. At around 10 a.m., local residents reported a powerful explosion, likely caused by the Russian air defense system. The Russian Defense Ministry reported 2 UAVs hit over Feodosia, while other sources – over the waters near Feodosia. Judging by the area where the debris fell, the Feodosia oil depot seems to have been the most probable attack target. 

17.09.2023. Perevalny village area. A UAV attack. Crimeans reported that late in the evening there was a strike on Perevalne, where the 126th Coastal Defense Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet is stationed. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed to have destroyed 2 UAVs at around 8:30 p.m., and another UAV in the southwest of Crimea at 9:30 p.m. No verifiable information available.

17.09.2023. Sevastopol, Cape Fiolent and Belbek village. A multiple UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported 3 downed drones over southwestern Crimea at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. that were possibly part of the attack on Sevastopol. Sevastopol residents reported that at about 8 p.m., a powerful explosion was heard at Cape Fiolent, where the radars of the occupiers' radio engineering, radio intelligence and air defense units are located. Local publics reported a fire after the explosion, publishing the photos.

20.09.2023. Sevastopol. A missile attack. Explosions were heard in the Kacha, Inkerman and Verkhnesadove areas. The Russian BSF barracks and headquarters of the reserve command post near the village of Verkhnesadove have been damaged. According to the still to be verified information, the strike resulted in more than a hundred wounded and killed, including conscripts. 

21.09.2023. Saki, Novofedorivka, Dzhankoy, Mykolaivka, Yevpatoriya and Sevastopol near Omega Bay, Studmistechko and Cape Fiolent. A multiple UAV and Neptune missile attack. According to the available information, the Saki military airfield in Novofedorivka have been hit. The Ukrainian side reported the destruction/damage of 12 combat aircraft Su-24 and Su-30 and a Pantsyr missile system at the Saki airfield, which is also the training base for operators of Iranian Mojaher drones.

22.09.2023. Sevastopol. A 3-6 Storm Shadow missile attack. The strike severely damaged the headquarters of the Russian BSF, with casualties among the fleet's senior command and rank-and-file. According to UAF, 34 officers have been killed and 105 occupiers wounded. The preliminary information about the death of the BSF Commander has not been fully confirmed, but as of November 1, 2023, any information about him has disappeared from the media since the incident.

23.09.2023. Sevastopol. A combined multiple UAV/Neptune missile attack on port infrastructure used for military purposes. The Ukrainian Navy attacked berths #17 and #19 in the Hollandiya and Sukharna Bays. The Crimean occupation «authorities» claimed that the missiles had been shot down and the debris fell near the Sukharna Bay pier.

25.09.2023. Dzhankoy and Sevastopol. A missile attack on a railroad in northern Crimea and an airfield near Sevastopol. The city «authorities» explained the explosions by the Russian air defense having allegedly shot down a missile near the Belbek airfield. There is no reliable information about the incident.

01.10.2023. Dzhankoy district. A missile attack, probably by a Grom-2. At noon, a powerful explosion was heard in Dzhankoy district, as well as in Krasnoperekopsk and even Yevpatoria districts. The Crimean «authorities» announced the downing of 2 missiles over Dzhankoy and the fall of debris that allegedly had damaged warehouses.

01.10.2023. Starokrymsky training ground. A massive fire of unknown cause that according to local residents, started in the evening. Later, the sounds of gunshots and explosions were heard, probably due to the detonation of ammunition. The fire occurred near the military warehouses that had been previously damaged by the AFU on July 19, 2023.

03.10.2023. Sevastopol. A missile or a combined missile-drone attack. At around 9.00 p.m., an air-raid siren and the sound of explosions were heard in Sevastopol. There is no exact information on the cause and source of explosions. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed to have «detected and destroyed» a Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missile over the northwestern part of the Black Sea off the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

04.10.2023. West Coast of Crimea. A Ukrainian landing operation. Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence (GUR) reported a sabotage and reconnaissance landing operation in Crimea involving special activities on the peninsula with the group's return. The operation had been conducted on the West Coast of Crimea, as well as on the Tendra and Kinburn Spits.

06.10.2023. Sevastopol. A 2 USV attack. At about 3:30 am, air defense systems were operating in Sevastopol, tentatively over Sevastopol or South Bay. The occupation «authorities» reported that loud noises in the North Mall area were the BSF anti-submarine warfare (ASW) air defense systems allegedly repelling a USV attack. 

06.10.2023. Sevastopol. A UAV attack. Around 11 p.m., the air-raid siren and air defense were activated in Sevastopol. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, at about 10:30 p.m., air defense systems of a small missile ship of the Russian BSF, 10 km from the southwestern coast of Crimea, allegedly detected and destroyed a Ukrainian UAV.

06.10.2023. Primorsky village, Feodosia. A fire of unknown origin in the flight test center. At around 1 p.m., a powerful fire was reported in the flight test center of the 969th GLIC, military unit 15650-17. No further information available.

07.10.2023. Simferopol and Razdolnensky districts. A fire and air defense activity. At around 2:15 p.m., air defense was operating over the Simferopol district. Launching of air defense missiles was observed from Simferopol itself, as well as from the Simferopol and Razdolnensky districts. Locals reported a total of 7 missile launches. Later, after the explosions in Razdolnensky district, a powerful fire was recorded by satellites between the villages of Botanichne and Kumovo.

07.10.2023. Dzhankoy district. A missile attack on the Russian GRU special forces base located near Dzhankoy. Around 5:50 p.m., a loud explosion was reported from the Chornomorsky, Krasnoperekopsky and Dzhankoy districts. Explosions were also heard in Dzhankoy and Yevpatoriya. A siren sounded at the Dzhankoy airfield. Russian air defense launched at least 2 missiles at an unknown target. The next day, there was still to be verified information that a Ukrainian missile had hit a Russian GRU base near Dzhankoy. Russian publics reported more than two dozen dead and a dozen and a half wounded. In turn, the Russian Defense Ministry reported a S-200 missile allegedly shot down and claimed no losses.

11.10.2023. Sevastopol. A multiple USV attack. The patrol ship Pavel Derzhavin had been damaged on Sevastopol’s outer roadstead in what later, the Ukrainian Navy claimed it to be a Ukrainian USV attack. It’s probable that the strike used new drone types, possibly the underwater ones.

13.10.2023. Sevastopol. A multiple USV attack. For the second time in a week, Ukrainian USVs hit the patrol ship Pavel Derzhavin, damaging its propeller group, and the tugboat Professor Nikolai Muru. It’s probable that the strike used new drone types, possibly the underwater ones.

18.10.2023. Sevastopol. Kara Koba area and Sakharna Golivka village. A missile attack on the BSF weapons depot. At about 6 p.m., missiles attacked the ammunition depots of the Russian BSF near Sevastopol. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the attack was by the strike version of the convereted anti-aircraft S-200 missiles, 2 of which had been allegedly intercepted and fell in a deserted area with subsequent detonation. However, the next day, pro-Ukrainian Crimean publics disseminated the locations of the hits, namely, objects on the territory of the RAF 3413th Technical Missile Base and unit 13189. Also, one of the missiles hit the 63876 military unit by the Sakharna Golivka village near Sevastopol, where one of the BSF's weapons depots is located.

24.10.2023. Sevastopol. A 3 USV attack. At about 3:30 a.m., loud noises were heard on Sevastopol’s outer roadstead. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that «a set of anti-mine and anti-sabotage measures» was being carried out on the outer roadstead of the Sevastopol Bay. No detailed information on the result available.

24.10.2023. Sevastopol. A combined 2 missiles and a UAV attack on the Belbek airfield. Russian channels reported two Ukrainian missiles shot down on approach to Sevastopol.

29.10.2023. Black Sea waters, northwestern coast of Crimea, Yevpatoria, Saky and Chornomorsk districts. A massive UAV attack. At night, the Russian air defense system countered a massive UAV attack. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 36 aircraft-type UAVs had been destroyed. The results of the attack unknown. Local residents reported two ground explosions. 

30.10.2023. Olenivka, near Cape Tarkhankut,. A missile attack on the air defense system. The type of weapon has not been reliably identified. At about 3 a.m., the UAF launched a missile attack on the location of the Russian air defense regiment of the Russian Ministry of Defense near Olenivka. According to the Ukrainian side, a strategic object of the Russian air defense system on the western coast of Crimea, probably part of the S-400 Triumph air defense system, has been destroyed. In accordance with the actions-during-attack protocol, at 6:45 a.m., traffic on the Kerch Bridge was briefly stopped.

30.10.2023. Crimea, Yevpatoria district. A missile attack on the military airfield in Novofedorivka. At around 12 p.m., local residents reported a series of explosions near Novofedorivka. It is likely that a military airfield located nearby had been hit. In the afternoon, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a report that at around 1 p.m. Moscow time, Russian air defense destroyed 8 Storm Shadow cruise missiles on attempt to strike targets in Crimea. A control study of satellite imagery of the area on 31.10.2023 revealed several fire centers near the Novofedorivka military airfield runway.

30.10.2023. Sevastopol. Likely a combined attack. At 3 a.m., an air-raid siren went off and it was reported that the Russian BSF was repelling a UAV attack on the outer roadstead. At around 12 p.m., a new air-raid siren was launched and the Russian air defense system began operation. According to the information provided by the occupation «authorities,» the air defense forces had shot down two unidentified air targets, whose debris fell near Uchkuevka beach and Mokrousova campground, on the North Side, on Pasichna Street, in Inkerman, in the private sector near the railway in the Mekenzievy Mountains area and on Kachinskoye Highway. In addition, local publics reported smoke in the areas of Striletska and Sevastopol Bays, which could be the result of the regular aerosol camouflage device use by the Russian BSF ships.

02.11.2023. Crimea. A 6 UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported the air defense destruction of one UAV over the Black Sea and 5 — over the peninsula.

04.11.2023. Kerch. A massive missile attack on the Zaliv (Butoma) shipyard, likely with Storm Shadow (SCALP-EG, Neptune). Small missile ship Askold of Project 22800 Karakurt has been hit.

07.11.2023. Sevastopol, Belbek airfield. A UAV attack. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of 17 UAVs. According to the data that needs further confirmation, several Russian aircraft, including MiG-31, have been damaged.

08.11.2023. Krasnoperekopsk. A raid by pro-Ukrainian ATES Movement reconnaissance group who report the destruction/damage of six Soviet towed 152-mm Hyacinth-B cannons and several trucks.

09.11.2023. Crimea. Attack by Neptune surface-to-air missiles. Around 18:00, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the downing of a Ukrainian Neptune surface-to-air missile system over the Black Sea near the Crimean coast. No additional information available.

10.11.2023. West coast, Chornomorske village, Yevpatoria and Sevastopol. A combined MBECs/UAVs attack resulting in 2 small projects 1176 Akula and 11770 Serna destroyed or damaged. Around 6 a.m., local residents saw 4-5 explosions in Chornomorske near the FSB checkpoint, likely by a UAV. In Feodosia, as a result of a 2 UAV attack, an oil depot lost power, even though no explosion was seen. Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of one MBEC and a Neptune missile launcher near Sevastopol.

16.11.2023. Crimea. A UAV attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian air defense intercepted 3 UAVs at night over the Black Sea near Crimea. No additional information available.

17.11.2023. Sevastopol. A missile attack by Neptune-type surface-to-air missiles. In the morning, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of 2 Neptune-type missiles over the Black Sea near Crimea at 10.40 a.m.

22.11.2023. Chornomorske village. A 3 UAV attack. At 7 a.m., a Russian military unit pier was struck in the Vuzka Bay, the same place where two landing boats and occupation personnel were previously destroyed on November 10. The Russian Defense Ministry said that at about 7:30 am, Russian air defense destroyed 3 UAVs over Crimea.

22.11.2023. Novoozerne village, Donuzlav Lake area, Western coast. A USV attack. At night, residents reported loud explosions or gunshots, while in the morning, Russian TV channels reported the discovery of two Ukrainian USVs near the shoreline in the area. The Russian Defense Ministry reported the detection and destruction of 4 Ukrainian Navy USVs in the western Black Sea.

24.11.2023. Dzhankoy. A UAV attack. At night, several UAVs successfully attacked a Russian Armed Forces unit. According to available data, as a result, elements of the occupiers' air defense and radar systems were destroyed/damaged and personnel wounded/killed. The Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of 13 UAVs.

26.11.2023. Azov Sea waters around Crimea. A missile attack. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian air defense detected and destroyed 2 Ukrainian S-200 missiles over the Sea of Azov.

29.11.2023. Saki. A strike on a military airfield with an unidentified weapon type. At night, local residents reported explosions at the Saki airfield, where Russian aviation units are based. According to information that requires further verification, up to 30 occupants have been wounded/killed.

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