Bulgaria reports -1.6% inflation for 2013

Inflation for 2013 was minus 1.6%, the Bulgarian Statistical Institute (NSI) reports.

Prices have risen only in December and even then only by 0.3 %. Otherwise, the last year was largely characterized by  negative inflation, resulting from the 11.1% lower electricity, 10.5% lover heating and 0.8% food prices. It turns out that the costs for electricity and heating and the good harvest had a very good effect on the pocket of the Bulgarians.

This. however, does not neccessarily reflect well on the business, as when prices fall, there is a reduced the desire for investments and for the  creation of new jobs.

On the other hand, a negative inflation is very good for people with savings in the banks, who actually won BGN 6.20 per a BGN 100 deposit.

What prices rose in 2013 ?

Milk 2.8%
Vegetables 2.4%
Wine 2.9%
Beer 4.5%
Tobacco 0.9%
Garbage fee 4.8%
Doctors 1.3%
Veterinarians 7.3%
Flights 4.4%
Education 2.4%
Restaurants 2.3%

What prices fell in 2013 ?

Bread -2.3%
Meat -1.5%
Fish -2.9%
Oil -8.3%
Fruits -7%
Sugar -5.3%
Clothing -0.6%
Shoes -0.9%
Furniture -2.7%
TV -11.8%
Jewelry -5.1%

Adapted from Standartnews