Premier Leanca says authorities should minimize their role in economy

“The state should decrease its role in the national economy and allow the private sector fully turning into account its potential,” said Prime Minister Iurie Leanca November 26, at the opening of the International Conference of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.  

He also said that he sees no economic or political reasons for the state to preserve its strong presence in the sectors of the national economy, which have a strong competition between the private companies.    

“On the one hand, we should admit that a country that is facing a transition period is not the best property owner and the best manager. Moreover, by taking the role of arbiters on this market, the state authorities should give up the role of players, as there are too serious temptations in this case. On the other hand, I do believe in the entrepreneurial and innovational activities of the Moldovan private sector,” said the Prime Minister.   

In his opinion, the Moldovan entrepreneurs are expecting from the state the removal of unnecessary business hindrances and restrictions that do not permit the development of the country’s economic potential.   

The Prime Minister said that the Moldovan Government pays great attention to the enhancement of national business environment. He also said that small and middle-sized enterprises are the best solutions for creating the model of country’s economic development.   
“The Moldovan Government has approved a plan for removing the existent business hindrances. The main problems refer to the issuance of construction authorizations, to the connection of buildings to public utility services, as well as to the rationalization of controls carried out by the state authorities,” said Leanca.

He also thinks that the reformation of judicial system is a priority in the process of stimulating the business environment.

“For us, the consolidation of law supremacy is very topical. When this principle is not observed, the most affected ones are small companies, who do not have enough proceeds for promoting their interests in some other ways. When the supremacy of law prevails in the country, the small and medium-sized enterprises are able to protect themselves from unfair competition on the market,” said the Premier.

He stressed that the initialing and signing of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU, will open up new possibilities for the Moldovan business. Leanca added that after initialing this document in Vilnius, the central authorities of the country will make public its text, in order to discuss it with representatives of the national business environment.   

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar said that “the entrepreneurs, who put their whole soul and skills in their work, are the backbone of the market economy.”

“One of the main principles of the European Union – the solidarity principle – is starting to function in the Republic of Moldova. The fact that the European partners are among Moldova’s main donors, once again shows that we are part of the European projects,” Lazar said.   

In his words, the main impediment to the development of the Moldovan business is the small domestic market.

“As soon as we sign the DCFTA with the European Union, we will no longer face this problem. We will become part of an integrated market, with 500 million potential consumers. Our task is to wisely use these opportunities,” said Lazar.   

The conference is organized within the frameworks of the European Week of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, conducted in Moldova for the first time ever. Through November 25-30, the Ministry of Economy is organizing over 40 large-scale events for supporting small businesses and for stimulating business activities. 

Adapted from Infotag


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