Crimea becoming more popular for cruise tourism

Crimea is becoming more popular for cruise tourism as 25% more foreign ships entered the ports on the peninsula this year compared to last year, Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Oleksandr Liyev said at a meeting of the ministry's board on Friday.

"The fact that 25% more foreign vessels and 6% more Ukrainian vessels visited us this year compared to 2012 is a trend of the growing popularity of Crimea among cruise companies. This is despite the fact that the season navigation will still last until the end of October," Liyev said.

The minister recalled that Crimea was successfully participating in the cruise program "Six Resort Capital Cities of the Black Sea," which includes visits to Novorossiysk, Sochi, Feodosiya, Yalta, Odesa, and Sevastopol.

"This is one of the important areas for the revival of the Black Sea cruise tourism," Liyev said.

Adapted from Ukrinform