Georgian, Afghan Defense Ministries plan cooperation agreement

An agreement will be signed between Georgia and Afghanistan on providing training assistance to the Afghan armed forces, Georgian Defense Minister, Irakli Alasania, said.

He visited Georgian troops in Afghanistan this week and also met his Afghan counterpart Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.

“A memorandum will be signed between the defense ministries of the two countries to create a legal basis for providing assistance the Afghan armed forces. We have offered them number of proposals about what this assistance may include. Education is the main one and we have offered training courses for the Afghan military in Sachkhere Mountain-Training School. We will also help them in [training] of specialists – we have very good military pilots and military doctors; they [the Afghan armed forces] lack specialists in these fields,” Alasania told Imedi TV on September 21.

Alasania also said that this assistance will be part of Georgia’s contribution to coalition forces' post-2014 mission in Afghanistan.

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