State secretary: Romanian Govt has ‘high chances’ to find money for new uranium exploitation

Romania could start exploiting an uranium bedding in the counties of Neamt and Harghita, provided the Government finds money to start the exploitation.

And there are high chances for this to happen, said Maricel Popa, state secretary within the energy department in the Economy Ministry. Popa said that instead of closing down the only uranium mine in Suceava county, at Crucea, the state will start working on a new perimeter, using the employees from the Suceava mine.

The uranium bedding from Tulgheş (Harghita) – Grinţieş (Neamţ) is considered the richest in the country, and authorities have been trying to open a mine there since 1998. The only other uranium mine in Romania is located at Crucea, in Suceava county, and was opened in the 80s. It currently employs around 700 people. Its activity is coordinated by the National Uranium Company (Compania Nationala a Uraniului – CNU), a company created in 1997, which is currently in the portfolio of the Economy Ministry.

The uranium ore extracted at Crucea is used to create the UO2 needed for energy production at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, which produces around 20 percent of Romania’s energy.

Adapted from Romania-Insider