Moldovan government allocates 16 million lei to mitigate 2013 natural calamities consequences

The government has ruled to earmark 16 million lei to mitigate the consequences of the 2013 natural calamities.

The money will be allocated from the government’s reserve fund, and will be distributed through the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture.

The compensations will be provided to agricultural enterprises, peasant households and private people, whose crops were hit by the disasters at a higher level than 60 per cent.

At the cabinet meeting, Agriculture and Food Minister Vasile Bumacov said that the size of the compensation would be set by a joint commission. “The compensations will be of about 400 lei for one hectare of field crops affected by more than 60 per cent and about 1,230 lei for vegetables and perennial crops,” Bumacov said.

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca asked to ensure transparency while distributing the financial means.

In 2013, the torrential rains and hail hit practically all the Moldovan districts, with material damages of agricultural crops recorded in 187 villages and six towns from 28 districts. Data unveiled by the district agricultural departments shows that about 70,000 hectares of lands were affected by hail on 31 July 2013, with damages worth over 540 million lei.

Adapted from moldpres

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