Trans-border Moldova-Romania-Ukraine project launched in Iasi city

A project of trans-border emergency medical assistance called SMURD was launched in the Romanian city of Iasi on Thursday.   

The Romanian Embassy in Chisinau told Infotag that the SMURD Project is funded by the European Union by means of a joint operation program run by Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.    

It is believed that in the course of the Project, the Romanian mobile emergency medical and resuscitation service will unfold its activities in the Republic of Moldova as well.     

SMURD is aimed at creating a united system of monitoring and alleviating the consequences of various natural and other disasters according to European Union standards, at speeding up the reaction and the response potential of mobile-help and resuscitation ambulances along the Romanian border – on land, waters and in the air.    

In the Project’s frame, a helicopter will be obtained to be provided with up-to-date equipment for rendering urgent medical assistance. It will be used on both sides of the Moldo-Romanian border.     

The Project should help provide the participants with necessary equipment, establish cooperation and interaction, and hold joint trainings and exercises. SMURD will be working until March 2015.    

The Project was initiated in September 2010 by the Romanian Ministry of the Interior’s Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations and the Romanian MoI Inspectorate General for Aviation in collaboration with the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior Service for Civil Defense and Emergencies.

Adapted from Infotag