Citizens of Moldova and Ukraine carried weapons through the border

10:55 22.07.2013

17 July 2013. Before weekends, border guards of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi border guard detachment in cooperation with customs service representatives detected a “GLOC-19” gun at international border crossing point “Maiaky”. A citizen of Moldova carried weapons.

The man tried to cross border by “Volkswagen” minibus. During border control procedures border guards noticed that 27-year-old driver, who was going to Koblevo was very nervous. Therefore, the detailed inspection was initiated. A special detected dog was involved for detailed inspection. Trained dog responded to passenger compartment. “GLOC-19” gun (cal. 9 mm) in holster and 13 cartridges to it were detected in the passenger compartment. Representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service of Ukraine were informed about this case. The citizen of Moldova said that he had bought the gun in Chisinau for personal needs and had forgotten to leave it at home.

One more violator was detected in Lviv oblast. Border guards of “Rava-Ruska” border crossing point in cooperation with customs service representatives detected “FLOBERT” airgun shooter (Turkish production) and 7 cartridges to it. A special detection dog helped border guards to detect the violator. The dog responded to “Grand Cherokee” vehicle, by which 33-year-old resident of Ternopil tried to leave Ukraine. Representatives of police were informed about the finding.