Turkish expats can vote in 2014 elections in country of residence

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Tuesday that Turks living abroad can vote in 2014 Presidential elections in their country of residence for the first time.

Speaking at the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities' Turkish Citizens Abroad Advisory Committee closing meeting, Turkish Deputy PM Bozdag stated that the issues discussed at the committee will provide a roadmap for the Turkish government.

Bozdag described the Turkish Citizens Abroad Advisory Committee as a "Turkish diaspora assembly," saying "Turkish non-governmental organizations must act in coordination without waiting for the Europeans to recognize us."

Reminding the new regulation made by Turkish government that enables Turkish citizens living abroad to vote in the elections held in Turkey, Bozdag noted that the decision will be realized in 2014 presidential election for the first time, which could not be implemented back in 2011 elections due to lack of infrastructure.

Bozdag also touched upon the visa problems with EU countries, "The system here runs against us, revoking Turkey's rights. If they lift visas totally, there will not be a flow from Turkey to EU countries as they fear. More people come to Turkey from EU countries than those going to EU countries."

Adapted from Anadolu Agency