Meteorologists warn more rain coming Romania’s way while overflowing Danube level close to enter Romanian territory

16:07 10.06.2013

With an upcoming flood coming from the Danube, which has been hitting central and Eastern Europe in recent weeks, expected to arrive to Romania as well, the country is under a double threat, as meteorologists warn it will continue to rain.

A Code Yellow for rain has also been issued starting June 10 at 16:00 and until June 11 morning at 09:00. Most of Romania will be under the Yellow Code, and rain will continue through June 11 too. Heavy rain, lightning, wind and in some areas hail are all expected.

Meanwhile, the overflowing Danube hit parts of Budapest on June 9 and authorities declared a state of emergency. Romania offered its help to neighbor Hungary, and local authorities have also started preparing for when the maximum level of the Danube also reaches Romania, which is expected to happen sometimes this week.

In Budapest, the Danube level peaked at 8.91 meters, which exceeded the 8.6 meters from 2006, but which is still below the 9.3-meter walls protecting downtown Budapest.

The Danube discharge upon entering Romania is currently at 8,500 cubic meters per second, which is above the usual average for June, of 6.400 cubic meters per second. The highest discharge is expected on June 16 at Bazias, of 10,500 cubic meters per second. However, an even higher discharge was recorded a month ago, of 11,900 cubic meters per second, and then there were no serious problems.

The heavier spring rain has caused flooding in several countries so far, with the overflowing Danube being the main source of floods in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Some villages in Romania were also flooded following the frequent rain in the last two weeks. Over 40 localities in 14 counties have been affected by local floods, houses were flooded and various crops destroyed. The counties of Neamt, Vaslui, Iasi, Botosani, Maramures, Galati and Calarasi were among the worst affected.

Adapted from Romania-insider