The Bulgarian state will build factories

The state will create new businesses or plans to restore existing ones in areas with high added value, the new priorities program of the incoming government, submitted to the National Assembly, says. The idea is to launch a 10-year economy reindustrialization program.

The state will participate in promising high-tech industries by the contribution of assets or capital formation in  companies which are in partnership with innovative companies with strong market positions. 

The new government will also evaluate the results of the privatization and concessions in the so-called natural monopolies and aims to introduce effective control in the activities of those companies. A long-term strategy natural resources- strategy will also be elaborated for Bulgaria.

Besides reducing bureaucracy, the new government will also take a number of measures to stimulate business. One of them is to create a special fund for capital investment. It will support business ideas with a higher risk, but with good prospects and potential for development in priority areas of the national economy. The new cabinet also pledged to pour resources into the Bulgarian Development Bank to allow for the granting of soft loans to small businesses.

The coming years will see the establishment of new networks which will bring closer to the entrepreneurs in the country. Besides the measures to support business planning, there will be also several new government incentives aimed for citizens. For example, a new chip will be inserted in the ID cards for electronic identification. In this way, citizens will be able to use their IDs for e-government services.

As about the field of agriculture, there will be more subsidies provided for farmers and vegetable growers and small farms will be supported from EU founding.

Adapted from Standart