Motocross: Enduro World Championship 5th round takes place in Buzau

The world elite of Enduro motorcycle racers will gather in Buzau (110 km north-east of Bucharest) between June 14 and 16 for the 5th round of the Enduro World Championship; Buzau also played host for the event back in 2011.

The world's best 100 pilots will line up at the start, in the E1, E2, E3 and Junior classes, with the top entrants including Spaniard Ivan Cervantes - 5 times Enduro 2 World Champion; Frenchman Christophe Nambotin - Enduro 1 reigning champion; and Romanian Emanuel Gyenes, who bagged 5 national Enduro championship titles. 

The president of the Romanian Motorcycle Federation hopes the competition will catch the sponsors' attention, because this sport really needs substantial money inflows to survive. This year, no Romanian competitor participated in the previous World Championship rounds. The motorbike itself costs about 7-8,000 euro, the apparel is another 2-3,000 euros, and transport and accommodation at the race venue is an additional 1,000-1,500 euros for each competitor to pay. 

Emanuel Gyenes, who also raced in 2011, is convinced that the event this year will be even better organized and wants as many as possible Romanian riders to take the start.  

A round of the women's Enduro World Championship that was initially supposed to take place next week in Greece was also relocated to Buzau. The motocross track circuit here is the work of famous track designer Greg Atkins. 

The race is organized by the Buzau Sports Club Extreme Adventure together with the Buzau Town Hall, the Buzau County Council, the Romanian Motorcycling Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Adapted from AGERPRES