Romania is one of the best countries in the world for investments, today

Romania is today one of the best countries in the world to invest in, the manager of the Bucharest-based Agency of the Italian Foreign Commerce Institute (ICE) Mario Iaccarino said during the Emotions from Chianti event.

«Romania is ready to receive foreign investments, and they will grow, soon, immediately after the world economic prerequisites are favourable. The Romanian market is prepared to develop and go on. The Italian products are well known and Romanians appreciate them, although there are a couple of problems with buying them because the average income is too low. This is why the best investment areas for selling the products are big cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara», – Iaccarino stressed. 

As a matter of fact, Italy is Romania's second biggest business partner. The Romanian-Italian bilateral exchanges totaled 11.42 billion euros, late in 2012, seeing a slight decrease of minus 5.1 percent compared to 2011. Romania numbered 31,500 companies, with an Italian capital worth 1.53 billion euros, on March 31, this year. 

«Tuscan represents an example for Romania in fields like farming, food and countryside tourism. We invite you to invest in Romania, the Government being a support to the investors», – said Romanian Prime Minister's personal advisor Georgian Ghervasie. 

The Romanian-Italian commercial changes went up despite the current world crisis, and the are facilitated by the favourable general framework of the bilateral ties at all levels.  

«The development of the Romanian agriculture happens thanks to the Italian investors who brought know-how, investment policies, paid the fees and taxes correctly to the Romanian State. There is a huge potential for the joint investments to increase, we can increase the added value of the farming products Romania exports through setting up modern processing units. By the Italian business people's commitment, Romania can become the No.1 in Europe's rice production», – said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Daniel Constantin.

Adapted from AGERPRES


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