Saharan storm blows sand to Romania

Clouds with sand particles coming from the Sahara desert have arrived in the southern region of Romania and the rain expected to fall in the coming days will bring the sand particles to the ground, according to meteorologists. This is the third time this spring when this phenomenon has occurred.

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 30 ) a weather warning for rain and hail will come into force, starting at 10:00 and continuing until 18:00. It will start raining tonight in the Western and South – Western areas of Romania, and the bad weather will take over the rest of Romania tomorrow.

There was a sand storm in the North of Africa and sand particles were lifted up into the higher layers of the atmosphere; the wind then brought these clouds to the Balkan peninsula. The sand particles are not dangerous, but usually after this type of rain, cars and windows require some washing.

Adapted from Romania-Insider