Moldova residents do not want to recreate in Romania anymore due to visas

According to the Romanian National Statistics Institute, 18,700 Moldova citizens visited Romania as tourists last year, while the number of Moldova tourists to Bulgaria exceeded 64.5 thousand people.

According to the ex-State Secretary on Tourism Alin Burcea, the approach of two fraternal nations stopped working long time ago, and Romania for Moldovans is not a tourism destination, AVA.MD reports.

«I would explain this to you: a Moldovan citizen, who wants to get the Romanian citizenship, has a 3-centimeter thick folder with documents. A Moldovan citizen, who simply wants to get a Romanian visa, has a 9-centimeter thick folder with documents plus other formalities. We once again encounter the excessive bureaucracy and the problem of visas. The Bulgarians have already understood that there is Internet, and everything is solved quite quickly», – Mr. Burcea has noted.

English translation by BSN