Farm product prices 10.4% up in Moldova in 1Q2013

18:12 03.05.2013

Prices on agricultural products went up 10.4% in January-March 2013 against the equivalent period of 2012.  

According to the National Statistics Bureau, the prices on crop-origin production rose by 20.5%, including on grapes – 2.5 fold, on potatoes – 2.3 fold, on corn –by 34.8%, on wheat – by 30.5% and on sunflower seeds – by 21.8%.   

At the same time, according to statistics, the prices on animal production dropped 5.1%, including on lamb meat (-19.5%), poultry (-9.6%) and eggs (-17%). The prices on beef increased by 27% and on milk – by 6.4%.   

Agricultural producers explain the increase in vegetable-origin goods by the 2012 drought, which led to poor harvest and to fodder shortages. In consequence, a high number of livestock head was slaughtered for meat.

Adapted from Infotag